Sphere Marketing Manager

Sphere Marketing Manager Sphere Marketing Manager

Sphere Marketing Manager

The all in one social media marketing & management suite to quickly and easily publish content across blogs and social media, reach your ideal customers, uncover opportunities, and track everything, all in one place.


You will not find a better collection of features delivered at a more affordable price. Period. We’re privately held so that means our priority is delivering long term value to our customers instead of increasing short term profit for shareholders.

Ease of use

Sphere Marketing Manager is dead easy to use, by design. Everything is organized and placed logically to make all you do within, intuitive and simple.


Our time to task completion is a point of pride. Quickly get in and get out, posting to multiple networks simultaneously, reviewing customer feedback and client requests, finding content to post, and analyzing the performance of your efforts or your team, in minutes.

Outstanding Support

Notice how others hide their support number, or don’t even offer one? Not us. Call for help with Sphere or just to say hey. We love to hear from our customers. We also offer support via email, or built in chat with screen sharing capability for those things you can’t quite describe. We think our platform is easy to use, but if you ever get stuck, you can be certain we’ve got your back.

No Surprises

We offer everything up front to every tier of customer, with no setup, on-boarding or hidden fees. We’d rather offer it all, than stick clients with a crippled version you’ll inevitably have to upgrade and pay more for. This approach means we need less salespeople to twist your arm on upgrades any serious business owner would need from the beginning. Ultimately, this saves us money which we pass along in product value to our customers..

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