Content Curation

Content Curation

Save time and keep your fans engaged with a steady stream of interesting content

Intelligent content recommendation engine tells you what to post for your specific audience.

Save time by curating content libraries of your best performing stuff, available at your fingertips.

Built in image editor to easily apply personalization and polish to every post.

Use RSS to tap into your favorite sites or watch your competition from within Sphere.

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Intelligent recommendation engine Click image to enlarge

Intelligent recommendation engine

SMM analyzes the posts you have shared in the past and suggests content from around the web based on what is most likely to generate engagement. This saves you the time of having to read and scour for content yourself.

Content library Click image to enlarge

Content library

Create content libraries to sort and organize templates, stock images, boilerplate and more for social media or blog posts.

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Built in image editor

Use the built in compose box image editor to crop (with presets for Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business), apply filters (thirty total), and add text and stickers.

RSS Feeds Click image to enlarge

RSS FeedsRSS feeds w FREE unlimited setup

RSS feeds are available for most websites on the internet, such as news, vendors, manufacturers, competitors, etc. We can use feeds these to deliver a stream of content from these sites straight into SMM for you to review to help you keep tabs on the latest industry news or what your competition is posting on their blog.

Additionally, we make it easy to share articles from the streams so you can spread what you find with your audience.

As RSS feeds can be a little technical to set up, just hit us up on chat or email with the URL of the page you’d like added and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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