Workflow & Manage

Workflow & Manage

Consolidate to save time, while adding more control and visibility over your social media

Hundreds of streams of content, clients and prospects, all in a single, efficient, and easy to use interface.

Save time by delegating work to your team.

Ensure your staff stays on brand with approvals.

Custom permissions give complete control.

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Assign Tasks Click image to enlarge

Assign tasks

Delegate opportunities or support requests to your team. Requires two logins minimum.

Custom workflows Click image to enlarge

Custom workflows

Create approval workflows for your team, requiring them to send all posts up to you for approval. Requires two logins minimum.

Granular permissions
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Granular permissions

Empower your team or reign them in. Permissions to post, add to queues, schedule and more are available via support. Requires two logins minimum.

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