CIRA Domain Name Recovery Survival Guide with Coaching and Free Appraisal

CIRA Domain Name Recovery Survival Guide with Coaching and Free Appraisal




CIRA Domain Name Recovery Survival Guide with Coaching and Free Appraisal

Save time, get the best deal, and give yourself the best odds at recovering your domain name. Easy!

Getting your “.ca” domain back is a race! We’ll tell you who is consistently the fastest.

No risk money-back guarantee! See detailed description for details

Once your domain name hits the To Be Released (TBR) list, it’s there for the whole world to see that you’ve let it expire.

If people notice that this domain might be valuable to you or others, they’ll set up software so they can grab it faster than any human such as yourself possibly could once released.

Then they can ransom it back to you or auction it for thousands.

To motivate you to pay the ransom or monetize your domain name in the meantime, they can put content up in place of your site.

This content could consist of things such as directories of other organizations in your niche, gambling, porn, malware(viruses), and other distasteful things.

All they must do to break even is make back the cost of the domain each year.

This means they have all the time in the world to wait for someone to come along and pay their price.

Even if you have all the proper Canada-wide trademarks on your domain name, trying to get it back from these people can still require thousands in legal or dispute resolution fees and your time, and do substantial damage to your business while everything plays out.

Some customers have cited drop offs of forty percent in only a month!

Don’t waste your time or damage your business by trying to figure this out on your own!

Detailed Description

  • Money-back guarantee! If you read the guide, follow our instructions and appraisal advice, and DON’T get your domain back, we’ll happily refund your guide purchase price.
  • Over seventy densely packed pages of our best tips and tricks, examples, counter-intuitive advice, industry secrets, *plus* pitfalls and traps to avoid, all pulled from our own internal processes.
  • Get your domain name back for as little as twenty bucks (*including* a year’s registrar fees), instead of getting scammed for hundreds or thousands.
  • Save yourself up to nine thousand in CIRA dispute resolution fees:
  • We lay out the problem, options, and solutions step-by-step in easy to understand language designed for non-technical people.
  • Do you even need a website anymore these days? We lay it all out with research and references.
  • There are over NINETY “.ca” Registrars in Canada alone. Only a handful are worth your time. We tell you which ones are the best for each situation with detailed reviews and stats, updated weekly.
  • The top four registrars capture OVER SEVENTY PERCENT of the best spots. We’ll let you know who is on top.
  • Includes a FREE DOMAIN APPRAISAL, to help you decide what the best approach is for your unique case and what to bid at auction (if you go that route) so that you have the best odds at winning without being suckered.
  • Includes a FREE BACKLINK REPORT. We use our access to expensive SEO research tools to generate a list of your existing backlinks to help with valuation, or if you happen to lose your domain, starting over with a new one.
  • Includes coaching via our website’s built-in-chat, ticket, email or telephone for the guide contents in case you have questions, get stuck, or need advice because you have a hunch someone is trying to take advantage of you. Please note coaching does not extend to performing any services *for* you. We answer questions, give advice and point you in the right direction. If you’d like us to do the work for you, please contact us about additional paid service options.
  • Need to recover your website data at the same time? We’ll tell you how you can do it for free, or if that’s a bit too complicated we can recommend some inexpensive, trustworthy alternatives.
  • Just in case the worst happens and you fail to recover your domain, all is not lost!!! We’ll tell you your best next steps.
  • If after reading the guide you decide this is all a little too complicated to do on your own, you can upgrade to any of our recovery service bundles (ICANN or CIRA) and get your guide purchase refunded after service plan payment. Upgrade must be done earlier than 24 hours before expiry deadline.

Last Week’s Registar Success Rate Scores

Each week we score the performance of each registrar based on how successful they are. A high score means they recovered a lot of domains but also very quickly. Think of it as a team race. The more people from your team that come in the top ten, the more points for your team!

As you’ll see, there’s a BIG difference between even the top five. There are over NINETY “.ca” registrars in Canada alone. The top four capture OVER SEVENTY PERCENT of the best spots.

(Results for Dec 25, 2019)

  1. Four week total: 2587 (42 domains) / Last week: 313 (9 domains)
  2. Four week total: 2488 (54 domains) / Last week: 385 (12 domains)
  3. Four week total: 1900 (72 domains) / Last week: 148 (6 domains)
  4. Four week total: 1775 (30 domains) / Last week: 250 (8 domains)
  5. Four week total: 1274 (48 domains) / Last week: 134 (10 domains)

Table of Contents

Here is a small sample of the topics contained within our guide:

  • What The Heck Happened To My Domain Name?!
  • Why Is This A Problem?
  • Do I Even Need A Website?
  • Article: Deloitte – Small Business Technology Trends
  • Article: Moz – Local Businesses Need Websites
  • Article: The Business Journals – What I learned when my Facebook business page was deleted without my consent
  • Article: PetaPixel – Instagram Deleted My Account with 135K Followers. Zero Warning.
  • So, What Should I Do Now?
  • Can’t I just buy a new, different domain name?
  • I’ll just wait until it’s out in the open and grab it then
  • The To Be Released (TBR) Process
  • How The TBR Process Works
  • Typical Domain Life Cycle
  • The Best TBR Registrars To Use
  • Success Rate Score
  • Registrar Charts
  • Queue-Based TBR Registrars
  • Queue-Based Recommends
  • Bid-Based TBR Registrars
  • Important Caveat/Warning!!!
  • How To Come Up With A Good Bid
  • Getting Your Domain Appraised For FREE?
  • Bid-Based Recommends
  • Configuring Your Domain Name
  • Website Recovery
  • Paid Services
  • Wayback Machine Downloader
  • Nixtan Website Recovery Options
  • Hosting
  • What Happens if I Fail?
  • Switch To A New Domain Name
  • Pay The Jerk?
  • Sue! Sue Everybody!