Domain Recovery Basic w/ Config (No TBR) – ICANN

Domain Recovery Basic w/ Config (No TBR) – ICANN




Domain Recovery Basic w/Config (No TBR) – ICANN

Service Description

  • There is no charge if domain is not successfully recovered.
  • Save yourself thousands in ICANN dispute resolution fees:
  • Price includes any initial fees and labour associated with recovering your domain once expired, as well as whatever labour is required to assist you through transferring it back to your possession and linking it back to your site.
  • Involves the recovery of the domain only, does not include any restoration of website data, anything to do with the website behind your domain name or hosting of any kind.
  • Recovery is not guaranteed. We do promise to do our best, however.
  • Service is not available for all lost domains. We recommend contacting us before purchasing this service. Any domains that are not eligible for recovery will be refunded.
  • Service may not be cancelled or refunded once you have given us confirmation to proceed with the attempt.
  • Payment is due once domain has been confirmed secured, but before transfer back to customer’s possession.
  • Does not use TBR Process, so more risky, but less expensive.
  • Get this for FREE, along with website recovery, with any of our hosting subscriptions. Ask how here.