Total Recovery & Upgrade Lite Promotion – Invite Only – Yearly

Total Recovery & Upgrade Lite Promotion – Invite Only – Yearly

$259 / year



Total Recovery & Upgrade Lite Promotion – Invite Only – Yearly

EVERYTHING you need to get your business back online and upgraded to the latest tech.

Close to a THOUSAND DOLLARS in value.

Service Description

  • Includes Internet Archive Website Recovery With Upgrade to WordPress
  • Includes Business WordPress Hosting
  • We build you a new site with your rescued content plus any that you’d like to add with a modern WordPress theme.
  • How is this so inexpensive? We use pre-built and templated elements, graphics and processes to streamline things as much as possible. Additionally, we view these as a long term investment in an exciting new relationship! Please view the next section for more details.
  • Does NOT INCLUDE Domain Full Recovery Bundle (ICANN or CIRA)

How Does This Work? What are the details?

  1. You let us know you’d like to take advantage of this ridiculous deal. No money is required upfront.
  2. Hurray!!! 🙂 We are excited and celebrate the beginning of a new business relationship!
  3. We recover what is available of your old site via the Internet Archive and put it up on a subdomain (“”, for example).
  4. We create a new WordPress install at your main domain and put up a maintenance page to indicate your new site is coming soon.
  5. We create ANOTHER new WordPress install on a subdomain to collaboratively review and build on (“”, for example) that is only accessible by your staff and us until complete.
  6. We work with you to select a template from our Elegant Themes subscription and then customize with your own colors and layouts.
  7. If you don’t have a high resolution or vector logo to use, we can have it recreated for you if you provide a sample.
  8. We transfer over your old content to the new site, redesigning and adding stock images, graphics and icons at no additional cost as we go.
  9. We install and set up any forms you require for your existing email lists, etc. via our Gravity Forms Elite License.
  10. We install and configure any additional plugins you desire. Please note if any plugins required are not free or included as mentioned within this or the hosting plan description (examples: gravity forms, import/export, Divi, etc), client is expected to purchase and continue to renew them directly.
  11. Once everything is confirmed as good to go you let us know and we take payment full payment at that point. Generally this is once it’s good enough to start sending your customers to.
  12. We copy the site over to your main WordPress install and open it to public access.
  13. ?Hurray we’re done!!!?
  14. We continue to help with any support, troubleshooting, layout and other basic issues as part of your ongoing hosting subscription, as you take over updates of content in the future via the easy to use DIVI editor.
  15. Additional complicated project based work available after launch at minimal charge (development, design, creative, copy, stock images, etc). For example “build me a tool that hooks into the API of our inventory system to show live inventory” would not be included for free with hosting! 🙂


  • Client is responsible for providing any content over and above that sourced from recovery of old site. We provide only stock images.
  • Copyright transfers on full payment only and reverts to Nixtan with any cancellation or refund.
  • Product will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your account.
  • This service is by invitation only. Purchases will be refunded where not invited.